Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Pian,

Guang Ci Tang

$ 16.50

 NeuroSoothe™, is a regarded herbal supplement used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to calm irritability and anxiety, help insomnia, palpitations and the sensation of fullness in the body. This herbal remedy may also be used in some cases of schizophrenia, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, and drug withdrawal under the right TCM diagnosis

Ingredients: Radix Bupleuri Chinensis (Chai Hu) Os Draconis (Long Gu) Concha Ostreae (Mu Li) Radix Ginseng (Ren Shen) Sclerotium Poriae Cocos (Fuling) Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis (Huang Qin) Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae (Gui Zhi) Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae (Zhi Ban Xia) Fructus Jujubae (Da Zao) Radix Et Rhizoma Rhei (Da Huang) Rhizoma Zingiberis Officinalis Recens (Sheng Jiang)

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