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$ 20.50

 Angelica Du Huo and Loranthus Pill

Common indicators of wind cold damp bi syndrome with deficiency of qi and blood: lower back pain, stiff knees, slow gait, weak lower back, painful joints and tendons. Especially beneficial for the elderly. 


Ingredients: Fu Ling (12%), Du Huo (10%), Sheng Di Huang (9%), Sang Ji Sheng (9%), Gan Cao (6%), Ren Shen (6%), Bai Shao (6%), Chuan Xiong (6%),Dang Gui (6%), Huai Niu Xi (6%), Du Zhong (6%), Fang Feng (6%), Qin Jiao (6%), Rou Gui (3%), Mu Gua (3%).

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