Jin Gu Die Da Wan Tendon & Bone Healing Teapills

Tang Long Brand

$ 7.00

Common indicators of blood stasis and blood deficiency: acute bruising following traumatic overextension of ligament, with or without swelling.


Ingredients: Bai Shao (Paeonia Radix): 9.38%; Chi Shao (Paeonia Rubra Radix): 9.38%; Xue Jie (Calamus Draco): 6.25%; Xu Duan (Dipsacus Radix): 6.25%; San Leng (Sparganium Rhizoma): 6.25%; Zhi Shi (Citrus Auruntium Fructus): 6.25%; Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis Radix): 6.25%; Tao Ren (Persica Semen): 6.25%; Liu Ji Nu (Artemisia Anomala Herba): 6.25%; Su Mu (Sappan Lignum): 6.25%; Fang Feng (Siler Radix): 6.25%; Jie Geng (Platycodon Radix): 6.25%; Hong Hua (Carthamus Flos): 6.25%; Jiang Huang (Curcuma Rhizoma): 6.25%; San Qi (Pseudoginseng Radix): 3.12%; Mo Yao (Myrrh Resina): 3.12%

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