Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan

Tang Long Brand

$ 6.60

Tonify Kidney Lock Essence

Indications: This formula tonifes the Kidney. Symptoms: male sexual dysfunction, urinary dribbling, swollen prostate, may also have low back pain, fatigue, or tinnitus.

Ingredients: Sha Yuan Zi (Semen Astragali Complanati): 16.7%; Qian Shi (Semen Euryales): 16.7%; Lian Xu (Stamen Nelumbinis): 16.7%; Lian Zi (Semen Nelumbinis): 33.3%; Wu Wei Zi (Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis): 8.3%; Wu Mei (Fructus Mume): 8.3%

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