Qing Fei Yi Huo Wan

Herbal Times

$ 13.15

Clear the Lungs Restrain Fire

Common indicators of lung heat or fire: hacking, barking, painful cough with little or no phlegm or phlegm which is thick, yellow, sticky and hard to expectorate,. May be accompanied by wheezing, burning lung pain, swollen painful sore throat, mouth or nose sores, nasal congestion, sinus pain, nosebleed, toothache, constipation, fever.

Ingredients: Huang Qin (20.60%), Da Huang (17.6%), Zhi Zi (11.8%), Jie Geng (11.8%), Tian Hua Fen (11.7%), Ku Shen (8.8%), Qian Hu (8.8%), Zhi Mu (5.9%), Huang Bai (5.9%).

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